Often, the pressure is insufficient in the existing water supply system in the country house. This is a common occurrence if the system is built on the basis of a storage tank, flows into the system by gravity and has pressure of 0.8-1 atm. This is not always enough even for a shower, and you can connect a boiler or a washing machine only at 2 atm. There are two ways to solve the problem. The first is installing a pumping station that automatically supports the given parameters. The method is good, but there is not always the required amount of money. The second one is a booster pump built into the system, which increases pressure in the water supply in the country. This option is much less expensive.

This device is small in size, which increases the already existing low pressure. It crashes into an existing water supply system and pumps water, raising the pressure by 1-3 atm. There are several types of pressure boosting pumps:

By type of cooling:

  • with a dry rotor – have a higher efficiency, but are noisier and larger;
  • with a wet rotor – the noise level is low, the dimensions are small, but not very effective, although they can cope with a 100% increase in pressure in the country water supply system (and not only).

By the method of inclusion:

  • manual inclusion – when it is necessary to increase the pressure, turn it on, not necessary – turn it off; not very convenient: you need to ensure that the pump does not overheat;
  • automatic switching on – flow rate is controlled by a flow sensor; when the tap or other consumer is opened and there is a certain flow rate per second, the pump turns on, when there is no flow, the pump is turned off;
  • combined models that operate by switching one or the other mode.

By installation method:

  • horizontally;
  • vertically;
  • in both positions.

Image by analogicus from Pixabay

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