How to choose a good landscape company?

How to choose a good landscape company?
Image by Malcolm Brook from Pixabay

There are a lot of options from the Internet, recommendations from neighbors, announcements on a tree, etc. If you need a good garden, and not just sticking thujas along the fence, then you need to choose the artist wisely.

What you need to pay attention to:

  1. Experience in landscape design, at least 5-8 years. This means that the company is stable and people have a lot of experience.
  2. Author’s handwriting: recognizable style, presentation of the project, favorite materials, etc.
  3. Legal support: a competent contract, checks, etc.
  4. Adequacy of the company, when the organization is ready to work in any conditions and with any area and is aimed at the final result.

Can all this be combined in one firm? Easy! For example, landscape gardener Glasgow southside meets all of these points.

Many customers would focus on garden festivals. At these events, you can see what a designer or a company is capable of – a leap of imagination, work with material, complexity of the design, quality of execution and the place received in the competition. Participation in festivals for a designer is a rather costly and complex event – a clear organization of work, logistics, ability to work in tough time and weather conditions are required. And, if you liked the garden, are satisfied with the style and quality of work, then you should write the company’s phone number without hesitation!

It is better if the first meeting between the customer and the landscape designer takes place at the facility. In general, a professional designer will never engage in a project without visiting the site, without taking photographs there and without receiving a detailed topographic base. It is good if the customer prepares for this meeting, formulates his wishes, maybe even shows pictures of some gardens that he likes.

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