Moving to a new place with a garden: things and plants transportation

Moving to a new place with a garden: things and plants transportation
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Pack all things tightly so that there are no voids in the boxes. Wrap everything fragile in a bubble or lay with towels and newspapers. Fold the clothes correctly: heavy and bulky at the bottom, and light and small at the top. Put books separately in boxes, without mixing with other things, especially household chemicals or products. Avoid sticking tape directly onto things, as it will leave marks. Use either masking tape, after wrapping things in plastic.

If you have a lot of things and many rooms where they will be located, then color all the boxes. Red marking means that it must be carried to the kitchen. Green marking – here things from the living room, yellow – things that you will carry directly to the bedroom, etc. Be sure to write warning inscriptions on bright paper on boxes with fragile items: “Fragile!”, “Glass!”.

The furniture must be disassembled, and all the fittings and screws must be folded into a bag, which must be glued to a piece of furniture with adhesive tape. On the furniture that cannot be disassembled, put on protective corners and wrap it in stretch film.

Choose the right best removals in London. Movers should be professionals who care what and where they carry stuff. The drivers are accurate and experienced.

What about the garden? The cheapest removals in London will help you with it too.

Usually, transplanting adult plants is an extremely troublesome business: it requires a lot of preparation. So, in order to transplant an adult tree, form a lump for four years, stimulate the plant to build up the root system. The transplant is carried out in the cold season, so that the plant has time to adapt in a new place.

Many gardeners strive to minimize the stress state of the seedlings during transportation, while watering and feeding them abundantly on the day of resettlement or the day before. In no case do this, as the seedlings saturated with liquid are weak and break easily.

It is best to stop watering about 2-3 days before shipping, so you will avoid big losses. During this period, your sprouts will not have time to dry out and will not be significantly affected, but only slightly tucked up. As soon as you plant your green seedlings on the garden bed, you can replenish the fluid supply in the tissues of the crops by watering abundantly.

Choose a suitable auspicious day for transporting plants, because high heat is more dangerous for seedlings than hypothermia. It would be nice if the air warms up to a temperature of at least 15 ° C, and in no case rises above 27 ° C.

So, the car drove up to your new home. Try to be the first to unload fragile things and plants: you will immediately take them to a far corner so that they do not interfere with you, and you – with them.

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