Relaxing magic details

Relaxing magic details
Photo by Jisun Han on Unsplash

All yoga, meditation and simple relaxation lovers try to equip their home in the best style, adding the necessary details. Someone puts figures of Buddha and elephants, someone prefers fresh or dry flowers, and someone is inspired by light. For the latter, moroccan lamps will be an excellent option.

Moroccan lamps carry various sparks of light throughout the room. They are distinguished by magical color combinations and original designs. To confirm this, see the photo of oriental home accessories on the site. They not only give the interior an oriental style, but also change the perception of space, highlight certain zones, and immerse you in a romantic atmosphere. The difference between Moroccan lamps and other red oriental table lamp are made of a large number of parts and miniatures. Their main feature is the presence of a complex ornament, various bends and mosaics.

The distant country of Morocco enchants with its dwelling interiors. This is a plexus of Arabic, African, Mediterranean motives. The main feature of the Moroccan style, which gives the interior a special atmosphere, is the attention to detail. Moroccans do not consider decorative elements (lamps, lanterns, lampshades) as auxiliary means, but give them the same important role as furniture, for example. Moroccan-style lamps are small masterpieces that convey the exotic and magical mood of the design by giving ceramic lamp shades.

Often, lamp-makers use brass, combining it with colored glass and precious stones. And sometimes simple glass and stained-glass windows are taken as a basis. Such products have good functionality: they are used as a moroccan pendant lamp or placed on the floor.

The vase lamps shape of the lantern is the most common. This is due to the fact that Morocco has less electricity than European countries. These lanterns have built-in special “turrets” for candles. It plunges the room into mysterious glare and play.

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