What to do in the Garden in December?

What to do in the Garden in December
Image by Sabrina Federico from Pixabay

If you think that the main layer of work in the garden falls in the spring-summer, then this is a delusion. Even in December, there is something to do on the site, despite the UK frosts.

Prepare cuttings

Prepare cuttings
Image by Ted Erski from Pixabay

The last month of the year is good for harvesting cuttings. To do this, it is necessary to cut off shoots with buds, the thickness of a pencil and a length of about 40 cm. After that, the cuttings must be sorted, classified and labeled. Next, they should be placed in boxes with moistened sand, and then removed to the basement or cellar.

Protect your garden from rodents

Strawberries need to be covered with spruce branches or prickly shoots from roses / rose hips. This will not only delay the snow, but also save from rodents. The fallen snow must be trampled around the trees to protect the tree trunks.

Trim shrubs and trees

Sanitary pruning is best done in the first half of December. It is suitable for barberry, viburnum, gooseberries, currants and wild roses. Other crops are recommended to be cut only if broken shoots or whole branches are found.

They should be cut with care, without deforming the plants. If a large branch breaks, all shoots should be cut off from it. The cut points must be insulated with a heated garden pitch or paint.

Eliminate overwintering pests

Eliminate overwintering pests
Image by Artur Pawlak from Pixabay

Trees and bushes need to be checked, as hawthorns, moths, suckers and other harmful insects can overwinter on them. They must be removed and exterminated.

Cut down old trees

Old trees should be cut down. These gardening jobs are better done in good weather. First you need to saw off the branches, and then the trunk. After sawing off, a stump will remain, which can be removed in spring or summer.

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