What to do in the Garden in February?

What to do in the Garden in February
Image by Ilona Ilyés from Pixabay

February is the last month of winter; the daylight hours are getting longer every day. The bulbs of early plants are beginning to break through, spring is coming soon, so there are many gardening jobs that cannot be missed.

  1. Pruning shrubs

February is a great time to prune your shrubs so that they later have a lush shape. For example, rhododendrons, clematis, winter jasmine, roses. Be sure to protect and fertilize the roots of these plants with mulch.

  1. Pruning trees
Pruning trees
Image by Stefan Östman from Pixabay

Not only shrubs need to be pruned after flowering, but also trees. While fruit trees, such as apple and pear, are at rest, it is necessary to prune them, if you are late, you can damage them.

But, for example, cherries and apricots should not be touched until you notice new shoots.

  1. Divide roots

If you have mint, lovage or tarragon in your greenhouse in the UK, then divide their roots. Transplant them into pots and when the frosts completely recede, you can take the pots outside. If you divide the roots now, then by April or May they will already be ready for you.

  1. Planting spring bulbs
Planting spring bulbs
Image by Couleur from Pixabay

February is the time when it’s time to plant spring bulbs, for example, tulips or daffodils. You need to dig deep holes so that there is room at the roots. Be sure to fill them with compost, then in a few weeks you will already see the beauty in your garden.

  1. Get an advantage in growing vegetables and flowers

If you plant seeds now, in February, and you can provide them with warmth and enough light, then you can get additional growth. As the frosts recede, you will already have young plants of tomatoes, cucumbers and eggplants.

It is also an ideal time to make further plans for spring and summer. You can draw a sketch of planting certain plants so that the garden pleases you all summer.

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