The rapid spread and improvement of mobile devices requires the same rapid development of wireless infrastructure for their maintenance. Wireless networks have ceased to be a pleasant addition and have moved to the rank of a mandatory tool for life.

Wireless Network Deployment

The process of deploying a wireless network can be divided into several stages.

  1. Radio survey is carried out.
  2. The installation and configuration of equipment.
  3. The final radio survey and making the necessary changes to ensure full compliance with the initial requirements.
  4. It involves supporting the operation of the system with the possible implementation of monitoring solutions.

You don’t have to go into all the details of this process. It is enough to contact UniFi installers.

World Leader’s help

Ubiquiti is the world leader in high-power wireless solutions: radio bridges, antennas, switches, access points of extended range.

Image by lhennen from Pixabay

Ubiquiti UniFi is WiFi access points, switches and multiplexors combined by a centralized software. The heart of Unifi is the UniFi Controller software package, which contains management and control functions. The key feature of the series is support for seamless roaming due to which an access zone with a single SSID is created throughout the WiFi hotspot, and switching between the nearest access points when a subscriber moves occurs automatically and without losing connection to the network.

Wi-Fi radio bridges and access points from Ubiquiti have a high power of 25-30 dBm, which, combined with a built-in directional antenna, makes it possible to use them to cover large spaces with a signal and build Wi-Fi radio bridges. The range of operation in bridge mode is several kilometres or more, depending on the model. NanoStation access points can be used as base stations when covering large areas with a Wi-Fi network.

Order a UniFi installation for your home and you will forget the problems with Internet access forever.

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