How to Turf a Garden?

How to Turf a Garden
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In order for our apple and pear trees to grow well and give large yields, we must take care of the fertility of the soil in the garden. Trees should have enough moisture, nutrients, and roots should have much oxygen. We should know how to turf and how much to turf.

There are different ways of keeping and cultivating the soil in gardens, they are chosen in accordance with the age of the plantations and natural and climatic conditions.

Garden planting

Garden planting
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You can introduce turfing in the garden when the trees are 7-8 years old and they develop a strong, deep root system.

The garden is planted with perennial herbs. To ensure the possibility of low grass mowing, the soil surface must be well leveled before sowing, and rolled after sowing.

During the season, they mow several times, as soon as the grass grows 15-25 cm. It is best to use lawn mower-shredders and leave the mowed mass in place as mulch.

Well crushed and with sufficient moisture, it is partially decomposed on the surface, and partially processed by earthworms. A layer of mulch prevents the formation of a surface crust, reduces soil compaction, and increases its water permeability.

The turfing method is especially good for heavy clay soils

The turfing method is especially good for heavy clay soils
Image by Filmbetrachter from Pixabay

It is necessary to apply nitrogen fertilizers annually, including into the pits, so that they go directly to the roots of the trees. Do not forget how to re turf the soil.

In dry years, the garden will have to be watered. Trees can suffer the most from lack of water in the early years of turfing, until a sufficient layer of mulch has accumulated on the surface.

An important advantage of a UK garden lawn is that apples falling on the grass are not polluted.

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