What Kind of Shelter Design for a Pool in the Country to Choose

What Kind of Shelter Design for a Pool in the Country to Choose
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The shelter for the pool in the country, although it does not belong to the mandatory elements of this hydraulic structure, but it is still quite a sought-after addition. In the case of a competent choice, the canopy solves a large number of problems related to the care of the pool. There are some things to consider when choosing.

Why do I need a canopy over the pool

The most obvious reason is to protect the water from getting into various large debris and dirt from birds. But there are also less obvious ones, but worthy of attention:

  • Water evaporates less intensively if you use an arizona shade structure, especially in hot weather, which makes it possible to save a little. And if the pool is large enough, then the savings will be decent.
  • In winter, heat loss is reduced if you use a polycarbonate canopy. And this is an energy saving.
  • The sun’s rays, passing through the canopy, are refracted. This means that they will not cause the formation of algae and other small vegetation in the water.
canopy over the pool
Photo by Juliia Abramova on Unsplash

Types of shelter

According to purely constructive features, these structures are divided into two categories: canopies and pavilions. The first are roofs mounted on supports. The sides of the structure are open. The second are closed–type buildings in the form of houses of different shapes.


A pool shed for the backyard is an ideal option for many. It is simply easier to construct with minimal costs, both financial and labour. The main thing is to choose the right sizes. And as for the form, it all depends on the customer’s imagination when choosing on the https://shade-n-net.com/.

green palm tree beside swimming pool
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The canopy serves as a shelter from the sun’s rays, which will allow you to enjoy the summer pool and not be afraid to burn in the sun.

Which canopy to choose depends on many factors, both external and customer preferences, so it’s worth weighing the pros and cons before buying.

Published on: Jul 15, 2022 @ 10:08

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