When to Start Gardening After Winter in the UK?

When to Start Gardening After Winter in the UK
Image by Kaiserlilie from Pixabay

When winter ends, we will return to gardening again. As you know, these works consist not only in planting fruit and vegetable crops, but also in careful care of the soil, shrubs and trees.

What to pay attention to in March

What to pay attention to in March
Image by Carlotta Silvestrini from Pixabay

In March, the main concern for the garden is the quality pruning of perennials – trees and shrubs in the UK. It can be started after frosts below 10 degrees stop.

Systematic pruning helps regulate the processes of plant growth and fruiting, increase the period of productivity. For example, pruning the branches of apple trees in winter and spring, you will ensure better bud formation, friendly flowering and a high yield.

As for the bushes

As for the bushes
Image by Mirko Fabian from Pixabay

At currant and gooseberry bushes, old branches should be sawn off to the ground. Usually they are unproductive and give underdeveloped shoots that do not bring a crop. In raspberries, such shoots are best removed in the fall, but the early spring period is also suitable for such work.

Whitewashing trees

Be sure to whitewash your garden trees if you haven’t done it in the fall. It is better to do this at the very beginning of March, before the snow melts completely, in order to avoid bark burns, and only on a sunny day.

In the last days of March, you can remove the strapping from tree trunks. Loosen the remaining snow around the trees. If the spring turned out to be cold and protracted, then these works can be carried out in April.

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