If the image is not pleasing to the eye by cracking, peeling, faded colors, etc., could transform the surface of an option for you. Before you can apply fresh paint, the surface must be prepared and submitted to remove the paint. If old paint is removed, the accumulation may occur and affect the appearance and the relationship of painting. Several paint stripping techniques can be used and implemented to remove the paint. It would be useful to use the most appropriate technique or combination of techniques to work.

Planing is a way of painting, the most appropriate when deleting removing paint on a flat surface of wood. There mills mechanical or manual that can be used for this method. Sandpaper can also be used. If you like the color, without scratching or removing scratches on the surface of many that you can choose to use an electric sander. Tools for grinding can be purchased in home offices and branch. For areas of work, his electric grinder can not, with sandpaper in these areas. The vacuum and dust before applying the sealer or stain.

The heating is another method of paint removal. An electric heat gun is in the treatment of old paint that has begun to be used. This method is ideal if you are looking for an effective method if you have enough time to devote to the operation. This method is quite safe, but it would be better to have a spray bottle with water handy. Also make sure to pass the flame, so that the surface to prevent damage. To create a smooth surface, make sure that areas well sanded after the paint caused by the application of heat. This method allows the immediate application of the paint area and robbed, and does not require drying.

If you can apply heat to remove paint and chemicals. Pickling is actually a popular method for removing paint. This is ideal if you are looking for a simple and effective implementation. Just follow the instructions that are cleaned with a chemical stripper, usually by the chemical to the surface and chemicals, provided that the work for you. reduce chemical and dissolving the link between painting and the area below. Even small, detailed areas are reached chemicals.

After the paint is easily removed with a spatula on a clean cloth. This process, although it can be quite complicated and risky than the toxic chemical cleaners in general. The work area should be well ventilated. You should avoid protective clothing and gloves on his hands and a respirator to the smell of chemicals. However, you can now choose and use some of the surest signs of chemical strippers. These chemicals are known as non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Chemical strippers must be removed by washing the surface with water or turpentine are neutralized.

If the surface of the paint is stripped of metal parts and cars, blasting is a method to use. A weapon that directs a high pressure sandblasting used. E “effective but messy. It is a slow process, but no physical effort.

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