When to cut back wildflower garden?

When to cut back wildflower garden
Image by Carlotta Silvestrini from Pixabay

Wildflower shrubs are appreciated for the fact that they are attractive for almost the entire growing season. But in order for these plants to feel great and please with their appearance, in addition to fertilizing, they need cutting. What do you need to know to perform cutting correctly? When to cut back?

When to cut back
Image by Bru-nO from Pixabay

In the first years of plant life, cutting is carried out in order to give a beautiful shape and stimulate the growth of shoots. A little later, it helps to achieve abundant flowering. Cutting wildflowers back is carried out in late autumn (after the leaves fall) or early spring (before the sap flow begins). Most shrubs tolerate this procedure well and recover quickly. Many UK gardeners use organic and mineral fertilizers, that will not be superfluous for fertilizing. Fertilizers should be applied under ornamental shrubs before cutting and immediately after it.

So, wildflower plants that bloom in spring (until mid-June) begin to be cut immediately after the end of flowering. At the same time the young shoots shouldn’t be touched. After all, flowers will bloom on them next year. Shrubs blooming in summer and early autumn are cut in early spring of the following year.

Cutting technique

Cutting technique
Image by donations welcome from Pixabay

When pruning ornamental shrubs, remember that the slices should be 0.5 cm above a large healthy bud and be oblique and smooth. The cut should begin at the level of the middle of the bud and end above its tip.

It is important not to forget that the new shoot will grow in the direction where the tip of the bud is directed. Therefore, pay attention to this, especially when you are going to cut off the shoot above the bud, located in the direction of the crown.

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