How to store garden cushions?

How to store garden cushions
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Garden cushions are a necessary attribute of outdoor recreation. They are comfortable and practical and helps to transform the appearance of garden furniture. They can also be seen on the terrace of restaurants and cafes, in the lounge areas of festivals. This popular accessory will serve for more than one season, because it is made of durable materials. But it also needs proper care, which will prolong their service life. There is nothing complicated about it – one just needs to know certain rules.

The storage in winter

At the end of summer, the cushions need to be removed and washed. After waiting for complete drying and taking the time to ventilate, carefully pack them in a bag. There are three options to store furniture cushions correctly:

  1. Protective case

This option gives the opportunity to save the upholstery of sofa cushions and others from dirt and rain, but also the furniture itself.

sofa cushion
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  1. Storage box

The so-called storage boxes are much better than protective cases. They are available in a wide variety of materials, as well as in a wide variety of designs. Whether it’s plastic, metal, wood or poly rattan – there’s something for every garden style.

  1. Protective bag
Protective bag
Image by Tomasz Mikołajczyk from Pixabay

If you have a garden shed, and you want to store your garden cushions there, then you should either put them in a storage box or in a protective bag. This water-repellent cover protects your upholstery from dirt and moisture, which means that it also remains perfectly clean and well-groomed. It is best to store pillows in a warm room at a normal humidity level. If you plan to keep them on a covered terrace or in the garage, take care of a well-ventilated waterproof case.

Proper care of cushions for garden furniture will allow them to maintain the brightness of color, attractive appearance and functionality for a long time.

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