Where do hedgehogs live in the garden?

Where do hedgehogs live in the garden
Image by Tania Van den Berghen from Pixabay

Backyards and especially gardens can be not only a place for rest and growing plants of its owner but also a home for some very cute creatures. In an attempt to create a territory on which all decorations will look maximally natural and show full signs of true beauty of nature it is necessary to organise special conditions that will attract birds and even more interesting animals like hedgehogs. Such species are charming and to have them in a garden just fine, as they can make a landscape design kind of piece of the wild, untouched area.

Habits and life

It is necessary to understand where the do hedgehogs live in the garden to make feel them comfortable. These animals love calm and peace, they are not active hunters and prefer to stay in a safe place, so if the environment is rich with food and there is a shelter to hide, hedgehogs will like it. In case the individual wants to attract these animals to a certain territory it is better to learn some effective methods on how to get hedgehogs in your garden.

where the do hedgehogs live
Image by Ralphs_Fotos from Pixabay

As such a kind of potential wild pet moves on the ground. Any fence which hasn’t holes at this lower part won’t allow it to appear in the closest zone. So on question how do hedgehogs get into a fenced garden the answer will be, only by the exciting openings. It is necessary to make a couple of holes as these species often migrate from neighbouring gardens while looking for nutrition. It won’t be a problem what to feed hedgehogs in your garden if make some preparations of the area. Best of all is to eliminate or reduce the paths or fully covered floors in the garden. They like insects and the decision to plant many flowers and other stuff that can attract insects will be a good idea.

As home these creatures can use fallen leaves, bushes and branches. They will quickly occupy tiny houses specially made by human if find them. Various models can be found at pets accessories shops.

The advantage of purchased items in comparison with hand made variants is huge as examples from the store are solid, accurate, and can imitate pleasant for hedgehog space better. Anyway this animal with great pleasure will become a happy tenant even in an old trough.

advantage of purchased items
Image by Taylor Binkley on Unsplash

After the new wild pets come to the backyard there will be not more difficulties associated with the issue on how to look after hedgehogs in your garden. Their stay itself means the good fitness, so just by following the next rules the proper conditions will be supported:

  • no dogs on the territory;
  • some natural traces of nature like fallen leaves and branches should always be present;
  • source of water is vital;
  • no extreme noise;
  • avoiding unexpected direct contact at first days of appearance.

Hedgehogs quite and funny animals. They can prevent mice from living on the same territory. They are not dangerous and beautiful. The number of these animals has significantly decreased last time, so help them live in safety is not only a question of the personal desire but crucial point for the nature.

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