What colour fence paint makes garden look bigger?

What colour fence paint makes garden look bigger
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Garden or backyard can be a place where house owners may relax and meet friends, also spend time with books and do many other things. The main and the most important factor which determines the activities available to perform is free space. If the design of the furniture and decorations are organised in a way to create comfortable conditions all is great but psychologically visual part can still spoil pleasant feelings in a case the garden is small in size. To avoid such a problem is possible by using some ideas of professional designers.

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How to make a small garden look bigger?

Colours can be tricky if to use them without the clear concept of future space management. For example, black shade is usually contrasts but simultaneously absorbs a spaciousness effect. In order to avoid creating an illusion of optical tightness it is better to stay out from using black colour where each inch is very valuable. Dark shade could be rather a good supplement to the green plants that grow along the fence. Such an approach is normal for big spaces. If the garden owner prefers that colour and wants to apply it anyway, probably a good solution will be to consider black marble or tiles for the floor. Then the appearance will look like a deep pool on the background of the certain bright shade around.

Obviously the best choice for colouring the fence is something light. It is not necessary should be red or yellow, but the classical white colour will be perfect. As a special option there are always many variants to create a nonstandard style by choosing soft tones like blue, or green. The only thing should be taken into account that the deeper the shade the more light it absorbs.

In case the individual likes plants, a combination of flowers and shrubs with a fence will appear like an unlimited valley and this will increase the visual space of the backyard significantly. Moreover, such a combination of colours is very smooth, so there won’t be eye irritation even after a long presence in the patio.

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Blue is also very unique colour as it is similar to the shade of clear sky. When there are no clouds, excellent beauty and cleanliness of the air area is able to complement an amazing paint and be almost neutral so the sense of spirit balance and neutrality will dominate on the private territory. Thus, inside space will look much bigger. It also adds some freshness during hot summer days.

It is worth remembering that only bright or not too deep colours are able to reflect the light and such a feature plays a key role when it is about optical spaciousness. As measures of the space management also possible to use:

  • proper furniture design;
  • combination of colours of the paths or floors;
  • by installing sliding doors.

Even the smallest under seat space for example, could be used to store many things and thus avoiding assembling of big shelves on the territory. Good planned design and correct colour of the fence will help to feel more freedom in a small yard.

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