As the weather gets warmer, you and your toddler will want to play outside. For many toddlers, they are just beginning to learn how to walk. The toddler stage of a child’s life is when they learn about social roles and expand their movement skills.

Outdoor activities are a great way for toddlers to explore and learn more about their environment. Following are some fun activities for you and your toddler to participate in outside of the home.

You and your toddler can chase butterflies. Children are attracted to the beautiful colors of butterflies. Create a special location in your backyard designed to attract butterflies. Butterflies are attracted to colors such as purple, yellow and orange. As the butterflies flock to the spot you have cleared off, let your child go up to them and examine their colors and shapes.

Create a balance beam out of old phone books. Take some old phone books and cover them in bright, exciting colors for the child. Line them up on the ground and help the toddler step up onto the first one. He/she can walk the length of the balance beam.

Build a little garden for your toddler to care for. Take a glass jar and fill it with seeds. Put enough water into the glass jar to cover the seeds. Leave the jar to sit out in the sun. Each day, encourage your toddler to water the seeds. Eventually, they will blossom. This activity will teach your toddler about responsibility.

“Follow the Leader” is a fun game to teach your toddler how to comprehend what they see. As the leader, tell the child to imitate what you are doing. Do various easy poses and actions such as jumping up and down or patting your head or stomach. The toddler will observe your actions and replicate them.

To further develop your toddler’s motor skills, as well as build strength in his/her legs, teach him/her how to walk on tiptoe. Show your child how to do it first and then have him/her follow you.

There are many fun and educational games with which to entertain your toddler while you spend time outside.

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