What is digging holes in my garden?

What is digging holes in my garden
Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

Every gardener considers it important that the garden looks neat, even after winter. Everyone’s garden can be different, starting with flowers that delight the eye, ending with growing vegetables. In any case, no gardener would want to see burrows left by parasites at night. It is worth getting acquainted with those who dig holes in your garden.


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You rarely find moles above ground, but you can often see their minks in your garden in the UK – this is a pile of earth, not a pit.

Moles can also be your helpers in the garden. They fight insects and worms. Due to the fact that they dig holes, soil drainage improves. You can also use their burrows to grow indoor plants. But often they destroy the root system of plants planted in the garden, as well as their burrows spoil the aesthetic appearance of your garden. Therefore, it’s up to you to decide whether to fight them or not.


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This is another mammal that can “help” you in the garden. If snow has fallen in your region, then after melting you will be able to see small holes the size of voles. If you do not take care of your yard, then voles will be frequent guests with you.


Image by Harald Matern from Pixabay

In fact, no gardener is in a hurry to get rid of shrews. In fact, they only help you, because they are the defenders of your garden, getting rid of insect pests, and they do not harm plants.

You can distinguish their burrows by their location. They are usually located under rocks, under a log or a sidewalk in your garden. And their burrows are not as destructive as moles.

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